A data set containing data from Experiment 3 from Ho, Kteiley, and Chen (2017). In this experiment, the authors hypothesized that presenting a text stating that Black-White biracials were discriminated against would lead Black participants to associate Black-White biracials more with their lower status parent group than their higher status parent group, according to the rule of hypodescent. In this experiment, the authors tested if this effect was mediated by the sense of linked fate between discriminated Black-White biracials and Black participants.

Note that this data set does not include the participants who were in the discrimination control condition in the study conducted by Ho, Kteiley and Chen (2017).

See mdt_simple and mdt_moderated to conduct a simple mediation or a moderated mediation analysis with this dataset.



A data frame with 824 rows and 5 variables:


An incremental index.


Experimental condition (High discrimination vs. Low discrimination).


Score at an SDO scale.


Score at an 8-item linked fate measure.


Score at a 3-item measure of hypodescent.


Ho, A. K., Kteily, N. S., & Chen, J. M. (2017). “You’re one of us”: Black Americans’ use of hypodescent and its association with egalitarianism. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 113(5), 753-768. doi: 10.1037/pspi0000107