• Cédric Batailler. Author, maintainer.

  • Dominique Muller. Author.

  • Vincent Yzerbyt. Author.

  • Charles Judd. Author.

  • Yoann Julliard. Contributor.

  • Arnold Ho. Data contributor.

  • Nour Kteily. Data contributor.

  • Jacqueline Chen. Data contributor.

  • Simone Dohle. Data contributor.

  • Michael Siegrist. Data contributor.



Batailler C, Muller D, Yzerbyt V, Judd C (2024). JSmediation: Mediation Analysis Using Joint Significance. R package version 0.2.2, https://github.com/cedricbatailler/JSmediation, https://jsmediation.cedricbatailler.me/.

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